Medical Astrology: Eye Diseases and Cure

Eye Diseases and their Vedic Cure

Cause: 1. If the 2nd and 12th house of your natal chart are aspected by the sun or moon or they are placed in these two house, it may cause weakening of eyes or myopia. This holds true for the D9 or Navmansha chart as well.


2. If Venus or Saturn are in the 2nd house and the Lord of the Lagna (ascendant) and the 2nd house are aspected by or combined with the lord of the 8th house then it may lead to serious incurable eye diseases.

3. If the 2nd or 12th house are aspected by Saturn or Rahu, it may also cause Myopia or in worse cases and some specific conditions cancer.



Remedy: 1. Read Chakshushi Strot (चाक्षुषी स्त्रोत ) regularly starting from Sunday at sunrise for cure and prevention from all kinds of eye diseases.


2. 1cup spinach juice + 1tbsp honey regulary is a great cure for eye weakness.


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