Your September Horoscope

How will your September go??
Find out as per your MOON SIGN:

ARIES: Remember to watch your words as that’s what can turn people into friends or enemy. Choose your words very carefully. This month is great for Women. Enemies might get active, be careful of any such secret plan. You will have to work hard so take good care of your health. For students competitions will bring positive results but only upon doing hard work.

TAURUS: The change in weather might cause health issue, distant relatives might turn up. You might suffer in case you are not cautious. Playing a lottery might turn out lucky. Avoid drinking, drugs etc. and wrong doings.

GEMINI: It’s not just time to make plans but also to implement. You might decide to go on a long journey that too all of a sudden. Stay attentive and you will get great results. Take care of your eyes. You may be attracted towards opposite sex.

CANCER: Don’t upset family members or things at the verge of completion might just not happen. Helping someone in need can give you a lot of happiness. If you’re preparing for any competition then you will be successful. health issues might crop up, you might suffer from pain in the knee, and profit in business will decrease.

LEO: Your enemies are eyeing your progress, your anger could turn things against you. Try and avoid a partnership, children will be a source of concern, family life may see ups and downs. Be careful. Mother will benefit from you.

VIRGO: You will be lucky in terms of political connections. New plans will bring fortune. Enemies are on look out to cause trouble, stay careful. Parents will be supportive. Children health will keep you worried. Students will fail to concentrate in studies. Keep patience.

LIBRA: You might have to attend a family function. Someone has loads of expectations from you, don’t end up disappointing. Your child’s behaviour keeps you happy. The spirit and spice of life continues. Post 20th this month you might face financial problems. Enemies are trying to harm you.

SCORPIO: A lucky month for you. You will make new plans, friends will stand by you all the time, in-laws will be helpful. Financially things will be in your favour. If yous associated with anything related to computers this is a great time. Enemies’ plans will be defeated. You will have an organized routine and get nutritious food. Mutual understanding will increase in familiy.

SAGITTARIUS: Legal hassles get resolved. Political connections will bring luck. Life partner will be helpful. New relations with people will benefit in future. Health will be good. Spending will increase on luxury.

CAPRICORN: Time is taking a turn. Remember through that success comes only through hard work. Friends will be like a shade in sunny days. Purchasing a new vehicle will prove beneficial. Many problems may get out of control.

AQUARIUS: This month decides the course of your coming life. Think carefully about your decision. If you are thinking about starting a new business, asking friends for help will prove beneficial. Great time for women. Time to experience motherhood. Good time for students. Take care of health.

PISCES: There will be a visible change in your lifestyle. The positive change in your lifestyle will leave many shocked. At work you will be given new responsibilities. Someone might be jealous of this and that might lead to a conflict. Though you need to work hard to continue being successful. Success in matters related to court. Weak health.


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