Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra:Effects of 1st House

1-2. Physical comforts. Should Lagna Lord be conjunct with a malefic, or be in 8th, 6th, or 12th, physical felicity will diminish. If he is in an angle, or trine there will be at all times comforts of the body. If Lagna Lord is in debilitation, combustion, or enemy Rāśi, there will be diseases. With a benefic in an angle, or trine all diseases will disappear. Lagnas angles (i.e. 4th, 7th, or the 10th), or its trine (5th, 9th), containing a benefic, is a powerful remedy for all, related to health.

3. There will not be bodily health, if Lagna, or Moon be aspected by, or conjunct with a malefic, being devoid of a benefics Aspect.

4. Bodily Beauty. A benefic in Lagna will give a pleasing appearance, while a malefic will make one bereft of good appearance. Felicity of the body will be enjoyed, if Lagna is aspected by, or conjunct with a benefic.

5-7. Other Benefits. If Lagna Lord, Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus be in an angle, or in a trine, the native will be long lived, wealthy, intelligent and liked by the king. Fame, wealth, abundant pleasures and comforts of the body will be acquired, if Lagna Lord is in a Movable Rāśi and be aspected by a benefic Planet. One will be endowed with royal marks (of fortune), if Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus be in Lagna along with the Moon, or be in angle from Lagna. If Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus be in 4th, 7th, or 10th from Lagna, or be in the company of Moon in Lagna, the native will enjoy royal fortunes.

8. Coiled Birth. If there be a birth in one of Aries, Taurus and Leo Lagnas, containing either Saturn, or Mars, the birth of the child is with a coil around a limb. The corresponding limb will be in accordance with the Rāśi, or Navāmśa, rising.

9. Birth of Twins. The native, who has Sun in a quadruped Rāśi, while others are in Dual Rāśis with strength, is born, as one of the twins.

10. To Be Nurtured by Three Mothers. If Sun and Moon join in one and the same House and fall in one Navāmśa, the native will be nurtured by three different mothers for the first three months from its birth and will later on be brought up by its father and brother.

11. Important. The learned in Jyotishya should base the effects on Moon also, as are applicable to Lagna. Now explained are clues to know of ulcers, identity marks etc. on ones person.

12-14. Decanates and Bodily Limbs. Head, eyes, ears, nose, temple, chin and face is the order of limbs, denoted (by the v6thous Houses), when the first decanate of a Rāśi ascends. In the case of the second decanate ascending the order is neck, shoulder, arm, side, heart, stomach and navel. The order for the third decanate ascending is pelvis, anus/penis, testicles, thigh, knee, calf and foot. The portion already risen indicates left side of the body (while the one yet to rise, i.e. the invisible half, denotes the right side of the body).

15. Limbs Affected. The limb, related to a malefic by occupation, will have ulcers, or scars, while the one, related to a benefic, will have a mark (like moles etc).

Also see Sloka 6, Ch. 4 of Saravali, which states, that a malefic, or a benefic, if be in own Rāśi, or Navāmśa, the effects will be right from birth. In other cases it will be in the course of ones life, that these effects will come to pass)


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