Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra:Effects of 4th House

1. O excellent of the Brahmins, thus have been briefly told the effects of 3rd House. Now listen to the results, related to 4th House.

2. Housing Comforts. One will have residential comforts in full degree, if 4th is occupied by its Lord, or by Lagnas Lord and be aspected by a benefic.

3. Miscellaneous. Should 5ths Lord be in his own House, or in own Navāmśa, or in exaltation, the native will be endowed with comforts, related to lands, conveyances, houses etc. and musical instruments.

4. Housing Comforts. If 10ths Lord joins 4ths Lord in an angle, or in a trine, the native will acquire beautiful mansions.

5. Relatives. Should Mercury be in Lagna, while 4ths Lord, being a benefic, is aspected by another benefic, the native will be honoured by his relatives.

6. Long-living Mother. If 4th House is occupied by a benefic, while its Lord is in his exaltation Rāśi, as the indicator of mother is endowed with strength, the native will have a long-living mother.

7. Happiness of Mother. The natives mother will be happy, if 4ths Lord is in an angle, while Venus is also in an angle, as Mercury is exalted.

8. Quadrupeds. Sun in 4th, Moon and Saturn in 9th and Mars in 11th House; this Yoga will confer cows and buffaloes on the native.

9. Dumbness. Should 4th House be a Movable one, while its Lord and Mars are together in 6th, or 8th House, the native will be dumb.

10-14. Conveyances. If Lagnas Lord is a benefic, while 4ths Lord is in fall, or in 11th House and the significator (Venus) is in 12th House, the native will obtain conveyances in his 12th year. Should Sun be in 4th House, as 4ths Lord is exalted and be with Venus, one will acquire conveyances in his 32nd year. It will be in the 42nd year, that one will be endowed with conveyances, if 4ths Lord joins 10ths Lord in his (4th Lords) exaltation Navāmśa. An exchange between 11ths and 4ths Lords will confer conveyances in the 12th year. A benefic, related to 4th House (and to its Lord), will bring with him auspicious effects (regarding conveyances), while a malefic will produce only malefic effects (in respect of conveyances). Should a benefic be in 4th, aspect 4th, or in conjunct with the Lord of 4th, or a Aspect on the Lord of 4th House, then the native will be happy with conveyances and be free from accidents and dangers. A malefic, replacing the said benefic, will cause losses, concerning vehicles and reduce one to severe accidents.


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