November 2012 Horoscope

How will your November go? Find out according to your moon sign:

Aries: No profit, no loss. This month will stay this way. You will bring things of material well being home. At the same time you are actively involved in discussion related to travelling. Stay aware of your enemies.

Taurus: Planets are at your side. Keep a check on what you say. Don’t get into useless debates. Keep a check on your expenditures.

Gemini: This month everything going to be just fine. Financially this is not great month for you. Mentally you will not be at peace. You might come across a bad news at home.

Cancer: The start of the month will give you pain. Post 15th your financial condition will improve. Health might be a source of suffering. Support of close ones will keep you motivated. Happiness from children and help from an old friend on cards. Enemies will be calm.

Leo: You will be at mental peace. You will be at peace and you can expect good news from your children. Help the needy it will make you feel good. Your respect in family increases and people will value what you say.

Virgo: Someone close to you will end up betraying you. You might get transferred if in a service. Marriage will turn bitter. Stay away from drinks.

Libra: For business man this is a real beneficial month. Luck is at your side. At the same time if you are careless you might incur a serious loss. Personal relationships will open new avenues of income. Women and elderly people might complain of knee pain.

 All the work that was so long at halt will start to kick off. You have been planning a vacation all this while, well time to pack your bags, someone’s planning to charge you false so be careful. your relationship with officials will improve that will give you benefits in the long run.

Sagittarius: Enemies are all set to cause harm, learn from previous experience before moving ahead in life. Belief in yourself will help you attain success. A successful work might start home, don’t forget to get the blessings of elderly at home before starting this work.

Capricorn: If you keep a check on your anger everything will be under control. Your enemies are trying to take advantage of your temper. Decide your goal and work towards it, you will definitely be successful.

Aquarius: Follow the traffic rules. Speedy driving is no bravery. Good time for investment. Purchasing gold will bring long term benefits. Time to put your plans into action.

Pisces: A sudden change occurs in life. Till mid of the month destiny favours you. Fortune knocks your door, however, taking advantage of the opportunity is totally in your hand. Your life partner’s attitude leaves you happy.



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