The Sadhe Saati

Sadhe-sati is a transit phenomenon which occurs to every one periodically. It is an expression which in astrological parlance means a period of 7 ½ years when Saturn transits 3 particular houses successively.


These 3 houses are : the 12th, the 1st and the 2nd from the natal Moon. Since it takes roughly 2 ½ years to traverse 3 rashis. For instance, if a person had his Moon in Aries, his Sadhe-sati began in December 1995 when Saturn entered Pisces. It would end after 7 ½ years when Saturn would have completed the transit of Pisces, Aries and Taurus. And this would be true for every single person whose moon is in Aries irrespective of the position of the other planets in the natal chart or in transit.


Shani Dev


 Did u know ?

 ¼ th of the world population at every time is undergoing Sadhe-Sati.

Saturn comes back to the same zodiacal point after nearly every 30 years. Therefore, a person below 30 years experiences his 1st Sadhe-sati. Once it is complete it would come back after 22 ½ years. Thus, many people go through the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Sadhe-satis in one life time.

 The 1st Sadhe-sati is said to affect the parents, the 2nd the self and the 3rd the children. Although the underlying stance always is that the period of Sadhe-sati is evil, Saturn being the most malefic planet, yet Sadhe-sati proves to be evil for some, neutral for others and even good for still others. It depends on several factors in the horoscope which make different people experience Sadhe-sati differently. Classics describe the results of Sadhesati as 

Effects of Sadhe Sati 

In other words, when Saturn in transit is in the fourth or eighth house from the Moon sign, it is a period for illness, quarrels with brothers, foreign stay, hardships and anxiety.

 During Sadhesati, Saturn in the first or second house causes ailments related to the head,heart and legs, fear from the wicked and hardships for sons and cattle.

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi Morarji Desai and Charan Singh became Prime Ministers of India in their respective periods of Sadhe-sati.  The designations of Prime Ministers is a very significant achievement for any political person but it is also true that “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

 Professional elevation, but tremendous responsibilities and accompanying stress, strain and anxiety too.

Sadhe Sati & Dhaiyya after the transit to Libra (14th November 2011 onwards)

As Saturn is transiting to its exaltation sign Libra it will have Sadhe Sati & Dhaiyya effect on the following: 

People with Natal Moon in Virgo will have the third & last phase of Sadhe Sati.

People with Natal Moon in Libra will have the second phase of Sadhe Sati.


People with Natal Moon in Scorpio will have the first phase of Sadhe Sati.


People with Natal Moon in Cancer will have Laghu Kalyani Dhaiyya.


People with Natal Moon in Pisces will have Ashtam Shani.


Effect of Saadhe Sati


 Facts about Sadhe Sati :

If the moon belongs to Capricorn or Aquarius rashis and Pushya, Anuradha or U.Bhardrapada nakshatras, then Sadhe-sati is not too stressful.

A Moon that is natally familiar with the ways of Saturn is not disturbed too badly due to the transit of Saturn during Sadhe-sati!

Saturn transiting over its friend’s nakshatras, namely Venus and Mercury, may be beneficial.

Even if Saturn is transiting over the nakshatas of the Sun, but if the Sun happens to be the trikona lord (from the main lagna or the Moon lagna), results of Sadhe-sati may not be too adverse.

For Taurus and Libra ascendants for whom Saturn is a yogakaraka, Sadhe-sati is generally not adverse.

In Sarvashtak-varga, if the 12th, 1st and 2nd and houses from the Moon all have high benefic bindus (above 28) then the entire period of 7 ½ years goes well.

While Sadhe-sati of Saturn is progressing, the other planets are not sitting still. During those periods when Jupiter’s (or Rahu’s and Ketu’s) transit results are favourable, Sadhe-sati can’t be too adverse. For example, those periods when majority of planets are in the 11th from the Moon, the 11th being a gainful house, they would be inclined to do good as per their own portfolios. Thus the negativity of Sadhe-sati would get reduced. 

If the dasha is good, Sadhe-sati can’t be too bad. If the dasha and Sadhe-sati both are bad then only the full force of evil Sadhe-sati is felt. If both are good then Sadhe-sati is a period to look forward to. Let us not forget that transit is always subservient to the dasha.  


Yantra to minimise bad effects of Sadhe Sati



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