Ayurvedic Remedies for Obesity

In astrology, it can be found whether a person will be obese by his natal chart and the causes of his obesity. Generally when the heavy planets Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the lower belt of the natal chart, that is, the 6th, 7th and 8th house, the person tends to gain weight..  Below are some ayurvedic recipes which can help one lose weight though one must remember that physical work is always the best option to lose weight.

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RECIPE NO 1: (My Favorite)
Take a handful of red moong dal (red pulses) and soak it in a  small copper vessel overnight and cover the mouth of vessel with a red cloth.  Take some of it in the morning before breakfast regularly for 20 days.
Note: People having a good digestion should try this only.
Take 1/4 Liter mild water. Add 2 tea spoons of Ginger juice, 4 spoons of Honey. Add half spoon of roasted Cumin seed (Jeera) powder, half spoon of roasted Coriander seed (Dhaniya) powder to it.
Take this early in the morning before breakfast.
Uttareni(Prickly flower or Achyranthes aspera) Juice, Mustard oil, Flax oil, Seseme seed oil.
Take equal proportions of the above. Boil on slim fire till uttareni juice is completely mixed up in it. Oil is obtained at the end. Apply this oil on places where there is much fat. The oil has a property of burning cholesterol and fat.
Take handfull of horse grams. Boil them in water and take early in the morning before breakfast.
Jowar , Millet , Barley, Wheat, bajra.
Mix them all and grind them to flour. Make rotis with this flour.
Bottle gourd , Snake gourd , Bitter gourd , Pumpkin, Turia or Ridge gourd .
Mix all vegetables, add turmeric powder and Saindhava Lavanam(Indian Ocean salt). Prepare curry with all these mixed vegetables and have it along with the roti/chappatis  mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Remedies for Obesity

  1. I have recently gained a lot of weight n belly fat
    My dob is 30 nov 89; 1:09 am dehradun
    I hv bn diagnosed pcod
    Wud dse remedies hlp me aswl ???

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