Planets and Career in the Modern Era

The Atmakaraka i.e. the highest degree planet in your horoscope (rahu,ketu excluded) and the amatyakaraka , the planet with second highest degree play an important role in determining what an individual will do for a living. Following are the different careers signified by planets. Conjuction with rahu/ketu affects accordingly.


Sun: King, Ruler, Head of organisations, Minister, Secretary, Power 

Moon: Public, Public represetative Correspondent, Politician, Minister 

Mars: Police, Army, Scientist, Industries related to fire, Building construction, Terrorism 

Mercury: Teacher, Principal, Lawyer, Editor, Business, Artist, Player/Sportsman 

Jupiter: Pandit/Priest, Philosopher, Preacher, Judge, Finance Officer, Healer, Money transactions 

Venus: Cinema, Music, Art, Advertisement, Modelling, Beauty Products, Car, Computer, Refrigerator Production/ Distribution, Government Representative. 

Saturn: Labor, Service, Job, Iron industry, Currency printing, Arms and explosive production 

Rahu: Healer for Poisoning (snake & others), Bodyguard, Guard, Thief/Murderer (on being malefic) 

Ketu: Servant, Labor, Driver, Worker, Idol Construction, Liberation 

NOTE: In the determination of career, the planets which are placed fourth, fifth and tenth from the karkansha (sign in which the atmakaraka in placed in the navmansha chart)


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